About Us

Mosaic.Ag is on a mission to partner with landowners and communities to unlock the benefits of cannabis.

Based in Sonoma County, California, our organization has expanded steadily to establish a statewide footprint in cultivation management, cannabis processing and manufacturing of branded products.


What Do We Do?

As a professional cannabis management and services company, we team with landowners, community agencies and a wide range of stakeholder partners to thoughtfully implement cannabis cultivation best practices. We provide solutions for cannabis cultivation, processing, manufacturing and selling for some of the top brands in California.

As trusted advisors, we help farmers and ranchers thoughtfully diversify through cannabis, boosting income and economic viability. As land stewards, we prioritize healthy soils, ecosystem relationships and always strive to implement sustainable and regenerative farming practices. As manufacturers, we promote a clean, compliant environment for the packaging, and movement of legal cannabis. As brand ambassadors, we connect brands with a targeted audience of consumers, building trusted connections for the future.


Why Do We Do It?

All of us at Mosaic.Ag have first-hand, personal accounts of how cannabis has helped or healed those close to us. These stories unite us as and serve as our core reason for being. Whether for managing chronic pain and seizures or helping to alleviate chronic anxiety, we believe first and foremost that the myriad benefits of cannabis need to be more accessible and affordable.

At the same time, we are amidst a historical transition from an illegal market into a legal one. We strive to bring orderliness, compliance and professionalism to this newly legalized business and serve as a best practice example to others.


Let’s Talk!

We invite all inquiries and opportunities to connect. We welcome any opportunity to engage with neighbors, support community health and wellness, and strengthen local economies.


Please contact us with any questions. Let's set up a meeting!


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Join our community of landowners, farmers and entrepreneurs and help strengthen your local economy with cannabis innovation and cultivation.

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